Road Safety Awareness

Mobile Education Units



Mobile Education Units of National Highways & Motorway Police are educating people of all ages belonging to different walks of life. MEUs have been assigned specific locations as per their area of jurisdiction. The concerned Mobile Education Units of your area can be contacted at:

Motorway Zone: 051-9266044, IP/SPO, Iqbal Butt (0321-9619612)

(Islamabad to Peshawar / M-1), (Islamabad to Lahore / M-2), (Pindi Bhattian to Faisalabad / M-3), 

(Islamabad to Murree / IMDC / N-75)

North Zone: 051-9239211, IP/SPO, Arif Qureshi (0333-5125761)

(Peshawar to Lahore)

Central Zone: 042-99231462, SI/PO, Usama Masroor (0333-6902084)

(Lahore to Rahimyar Khan)


South Zone: 021-99244577, IP/SPO, Farhan Ahmed (0300-9272536)

(Rahimyar Khan to Karachi)


West Zone: 081-2826714, SI/PO, Ayaz (0345-8326289)

N-10 (Gwadar) and N-25 (RCD) Highways


Public Awareness Campaigns 

Vigorous Campaign-1 Vigorous Campaign-2 Vigorous Campaign-3
 Vigorous Campaign-4    Vigorous Campaign-5

Road Safety Seminars

Seminar-1 Seminar-2 Seminar-5
 Road Safety Seminar at Peshawar  Road Safety Seminar at Quetta  Road Safety Seminar at Islamabad
 Seminar-3    Seminar-4
 Road Safety Seminar at Sukkur    Road Safety Seminar at Karachi